How to operate your business remotely through COVID-19

Wednesday, March 18th. More than 70 panelists joined us on an 8-hour marathon of Q&A about operating your business remotely through COVID-19 and beyond.

The resources and questions & answers can be found below the recording. The timestamped questions and answers are directly on the YouTube page.

Thanks to our partners for joining us for this event!


Learn from experienced leaders

Andreas Klinger - Coinlist_Angelist
Andreas Klinger
Head of Remote, AngelList
Santiago Jaramillo
Santiago Jaramillo
CEO, BunnyStudio
Sara Sutton - Flexjobs
Sara Sutton
CEO, FlexJobs
Rolf Veldman - Voice123
Rolf Veldman
CEO, Voice123
Copy of Tara Vasdani
Tara Vasdani
Principal Lawyer, Remote Law Canada
Copy of Shawn Winters
Shawn Winters
Strategic Acceleration Manager, GitLab
Copy of June Bolneo
June Bolneo
Founder, Work Remote
Paulina S Torres (1)
Paulina Torres
Director of Customer Success, Remote Year
Magda Sowierszenko
Head of Communications, Remote-How
Copy of Andres Cajiao
Andres Cajiao (Host)
CGO, Torre
Alexander Torrenegra (Host)
CEO, Torre

... and many more


We had an awesome session. If you missed it, check the recording!

Questions & Answers Resources