Help us build the future of recruiting. It's time we reinvent recruiting, end-to-end. Structured biographies. AI-powered insights for candidate selection. Bias-free assistant. Automated pipelines. Candidate Relationship Management, and more. Looking for work? FIND WORK HERE (It’s also free!)
Torre is building all the tools
to find the right talent
and to attract them
for any position for_any_position
for any recruiting
cycle and workflow
for any business size 3-4
Torre is building all the tools
to find the right talent
and to attract them
for any position for any recruiting
cycle and workflow
for any business size
Join the private beta now! Looking for work? FIND WORK HERE (It’s also free!)
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We are building the next-generation of recruiter <> candidate interaction with help from professionals from diverse backgrounds and organizations.
We are building technology
to make recruitment cycles faster
for everyone. Smarter, too.
Let structured data inform your decision-making.
Boost your recruitment cycle with automation
specifically built for each step of the process.
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Next-generation Job/gig
opportunity listing
Automate referrals from
your team - set it and forget it!
Forget about posting jobs
manually with automatic
job post syndication
Automated relationship
with past
and current candidates
Set-up your automated
Eliminate guesswork
with candidate ranking
Forget about old-school resume;
review structured profiles with
next-generation datapoints
Schedule interviews, test, and
meetings automatically
Does your growth depend on
recruiting the right talent?
Torre is currently in private beta.
Join the waiting list here.
Looking for work? FIND WORK HERE (It’s also free!)
We’re researching the best product experience
and providing personalized support for our current users.
We’ll get in touch as soon as we can!
Initially, recruiting cycles may be straightforward but can become much more complex as you grow. Torre is building an automatic recruitment
suite to make recruitment effortless.
Recruiting is a team sport.
The best teams work hard.
And smart.
It starts with the simplest
recruiting workflow.
Scaling as you grow is easy.
Enterprise needs?
No problem.
Enterprise security features
Enterprise customer support & onboarding
Enterprise integrations
Sourcing delegation
Software licensing
Looking for work? FIND WORK HERE (It’s also free!)
Once I’ve signed up, when can I start using Torre?
As soon as possible! Depending on your position on the waiting list, ±30 days.
Will Torre always be free for me?
Torre’s software suite will always be free. If you require automated technical tests from our partner marketplace, you have enterprise needs (such as custom integrations, security features, customer support, etc.), or you want sourcing performed by a professional recruiter, there’ll be a fee involved.
Can I upload my lists of candidates or add them to the system?
Yes. Torre allows (and encourages) you to manage your lists of candidates within the system. You can manage your candidate relationships using personal, massive, or automated communications. Candidates uploaded to the system won’t have a full profile or be visible in general searches until they have created a public profile.
Can I import my candidates from existing applicant tracking systems (such as Google Hire)?
Yes. Our onboarding team will assist you with the process.
Can I host my job openings on my own website?
Yes, but this option is only available to some users at the moment because the feature is currently in private beta.
Can I find talent via Torre’s own databases?
Yes. Torre’s user network is available for posting jobs. Posts on our boards range from remote full-time jobs to gigs in local markets. You’ll learn all about it during onboarding!